Master of Fresh, luminous and glowing makeup and
creator of soft romantic hair styling and waves.


My story to becoming a makeup artist is a simple one.

Since I was a child, I’ve been obsessed with watching women get ready. I remember watching my best friend’s mother who was larger than life. A stunning polish lady who threw the biggest and loudest parties.

I’d sit with my best friend just in awe of her mother’s beauty.

This planted the seed for me to become the creative little bean I am today. 
My creativity flowed from designing elaborate wedding gowns, to designing furniture, sketching portraits and staging crazy fashion shows in all of my friends lounge rooms all as a primary aged child. 
After graduating Makeup school. I decided I needed to take my career a little further. I was craving a new challenge and wanted to immerse myself into the world of beauty. I wanted to know about every single brand, how they worked, who they are best for and how to apply them. 
Working with Mecca Cosmetica gave me exactly what I needed. My love of Skincare, helping people and cosmetics are now endless.


Besides the many years under my belt, I’ve been told that it’s my personality that everyone loves. I’m witty, passionate and treat everyone as though they are my best friend, I’m the type of makeup artist that gets super emotional leaving the bride on her wedding day, like I actually want to hide in the bush like a ninja and watch the ceremony.

All of my bookings are not just jobs to me, I genuinely feel an emotional connection, I’m such a dag like that, you are always going to have a laugh with me and I will most likely have a few tears as you head off to your wedding, graduation, or any other event you are attending.


Casey has been featured on Channel 10’s The Project for recent styled Bridal Shoot, June Bug weddings, Nouba Blog, Dancing with her, Polka Dot bride, Modern Wedding magazine. Casey has worked with clients such as Crown Casino and Resorts, Wrangler Australia, Raq Apparel, Sativa skincare, Lois Hazel, Ishka handicrafts and many many more.

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